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At Discount Knives and Swords, we pride ourselves on presenting you with the finest quality Swords at discount prices.

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With over 2000 products in stock we offer more options at better prices than our competitors.

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Made from high quality steel, they are fully-functional weapons and display wo.Sword Dimensions - Shinken We keep a record of key weights and measurements of various production katana.

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We also carry a selcetion of Bo and Jo Staffs in our martial arts training weapons section.

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Samurai swords vary in size and style, but are always characterized by their curved single-edged blade.Wooden Katana - Inspired by the Samurai Sword Wooden Sword Based on the Japanese Katana Weapon.We also offer sword replacement blades with blunt and sharp edges.It was typically yielded with a two hand grip and was usually the first to be drawn in battle.

Our sword offerings include Roman swords gladius, roman spatha, Greek xiphos, Trojan swords, Scottish claymore, Japanese.

Suitable for contact and free sparring without the concern of injury that can be associated with practicing with real swords.Here are some of the most important principles of Confucianism: Humanity, Loyalty, Morality and Consideration.Dragon Katana Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain Price: 667.99. The Dragon Katana Samurai Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain is.Find great deals on eBay for wooden samurai sword and wooden katana.

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This Japanese training tool allowed the samurai, as well as students of kendo and kenjutsu, to train in.These animated shows have inspired a wide range of comics, cartoons, movies, board games, video games and a wide range of other items.

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The sword will contain four separate major sections: blade, guard, handle, and sheath.Our sword stands are made of sturdy construction, so you can rest assure that your medieval swords will not fall on the floor.

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Shop exquisite swords, daggers, spears, modern knives and more.Discover over 1001 of the best Selection Wooden Samurai Sword on Aliexpress.com. Besides, various selected Wooden Samurai.There is an enormous difference in quality of both blades and mounts of this period.

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These are helpful in determining how different katana compare to ones you may be familiar with.

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You can turn any room in your home into a Museum with these quality sword stands.

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Battle-ready medieval swords, medieval weapons, armors and European Reenactment weapons.

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Browse our constantly growing inventory of edged weapons and antique swords for sale.The Ultimate Samurai Swords Selection The Samurai, an aristocratic warrior class in feudal Japan, actually carried two swords as part of their dress.This is the only place to get Japanese Katanas that will exceed all of your expectations.The Bokken offered here at SamuraiSupply.com are tools for martial artists and sword practitioners who want to hone their skills without the risk of cutting themselves on a live blade.Shin-gunto, army officers swords, are the most common style of sword mountings from the World War II era.

We stock a huge range of Samurai Swords & Katana swords as well as other swords from around the globe.Ronin Katana specializes in battle ready samurai swords that can stand up to the rigors of daily use.The historical katana featured a curved blade with a single edge and a square or, more commonly, a circular tsuba.

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